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What Is The Mighty Trap® Grease Trap

The Mighty Trap® Automatic Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Removal System is a totally engineered unit for the separation and removal of free-floating FOG from kitchen drain water flows.  As most food service facility managers know, grease build-up within a food serving establishments drainage system is a major cause of problems due to drain line blockages.  These problems jeopardise normal operations and create health & safety hazards within the facility itself.

Mighty Trap® solves tough free-floating drain water problems by removing and recovering as much as 98% of the fats, oils, grease and incidental food solids from kitchen and food processing wastewater flows. It helps prevent drain line clogging and protects septic fields and on-site treatment facilities. Mighty Trap® is designed to meet local ordinances, eliminate expensive sewer surcharges, and avoid the cost of large in-ground grease traps or interceptors. It utilises the same basic design used by Big Dipper® systems that have been performance-proven in thousands of facilities across the world.

Mighty Trap 250
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